RX580 vs GTX 1060

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    GTX1060 vs RX580
    So AMD vs Nvidia is one of the oldest debates when it comes to modern computer gaming. And as it stands the RX580 is AMD's top of the line until the new Vega architecture releases sometime this year I reckon. Because of that fact we will talk about the GTX1060 and the RX580 in a pure numbers sense no hot air or snakeoil.
    Ok so first off lets get AMD's RX580 out of the way. It has 2 models the 4GB model one and an 8GB model version. We are going to be talking about the 8GB model because it is closer in price bracket to the GTX1060. Now for some simple specs:
    • Price: The 8GB model will run you about 230USD so its in the midrange to high budget range for most people.
    • Memory: 8GB GDDR5
    • Compute Units: 36
    • Base Frequency: 1257MHZ
    • Boost Frequency: 1340MHZ
    • Stream Processors: 2304
    • GFLOPS: 6.2 Teraflops
    • Texture Units: 144
    • Texture Fill Rate: 192.96 Gigatexels/s
    As we see here it has a pretty standard frequency rate but very good memory and texture fill rate for a midend card. The GFLOPS (solid performance) matter more for tasks like rendering or face detection than gaming. The architecture used by AMD and the optimization in many games does not utilize the raw performance of the card very well.

    GTX 1060
    Next up we have the GTX 1060 which has 2 models the 3GB and the 6GB we will look at the 6GB as it is closer spec wise to the RX580 then the 3GB model. It is also good to note that the 1060 is optimized better in many games due to its better architecture for gaming, even though it doesn't have the same raw performance as the RX580. Now for the numbers!:
    • Price: The 6GB model will run about 250USD so it is comfortably in midrange of cards.
    • Memory: 6GB GDDR5
    • Compute Units: 10
    • Base Frequency: 1506MHZ
    • Boost Clock: 1708MHZ
    • Strean Processors: 1280
    • GFLOPS: 4.4 Teraflops
    • Texture Units: 128
    • Texture Fill Rate: 120.5 Gigatexels/s
    So as we can see here it's memory isn't quite as plentiful or strong but its clock speeds are a lot higher than on the AMD side. The raw GFLOP performance is a lot worse so it won't be as good at raw computational power but as we know this isnt exactly indicative of gaming performance.

    What is better for you?
    The question that is hard to answer for someone else... what one should you buy. I can give you a header though; there performance is practically identical in 3D benchmarks for DirectX11. I personally think that if you don't need the NVIDIA gameworks tech the RX580 is the more futureproof choice. AMD's architecture performs better under Vulkan and DirectX12 so it'll be better for games still to come. It also has 8GB of memory which secures it for vram for any game today and probably games for the near future as well. I think the 1060 is a better choice if you wanna just focus on the now because it tends to do better in 1080p and with directX11 and older directX API. I hope you make the best choice for your needs~!

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    Excellent comparison, mate! I'd probably go with the 1060 tbh, because I love the Gameworks technology.

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